Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a leading global manufacturer of measurement, control, and regulation systems for gases and liquids.


Bürkert is always up for new challenges. Whether measuring or controlling, Bürkert is fascinated by everything that flows. It's this fascination that has made Bürkert a worldwide leader in the field of fluid control systems.

Process organization

At Bürkert, control processes have given rise to a learning organization that gets better every day thanks to proximity to customers. Proximity which, for this medium-sized company, couldn't be any more natural. By expanding its worldwide network and optimizing its processes, Bürkert is better able to share its experience and learn from others with regard to all aspects of fluid control systems. Of course, customers are the focus here - whether the question involves single components or individual system solutions.

System solutions

Bürkert's fascination for its fluid control systems drives the company to continuously (and courageously) think outside the box. As a medium-sized company, it seeks (and finds) unique solutions for unique problems. For example: market segmentation, which allows it to optimize the benefits of its customers, especially with regard to application-oriented system solutions - without losing sight of its product-related solutions. If that's not fascinating, then what is? We're sure you'll share Bürkert's fascination for its fluid control systems!

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