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Ball valves with actuators for the safe control of your system

Ball valves use a ball to control the flow of gases or liquids through a pipe, and provide for several advantages compared to other types of valves. In particular, ball valves have a longer service life and are easier to use than other types of valves. The ball itself is usually made of a robust, durable material such as steel or brass, making it ideal for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems where longevity and reliability are essential. Electric actuators are used to automatically open and close the ball valves. Linear actuators (e.g., a lift drive) move the ball in a straight line, while rotary actuators turn the ball to open or close the valve. Electric actuators are more precise than manual valves and can be controlled remotely. At Buschek, you'll find a large selection of ball valves with actuators such as changeover and control ball valves, as well as must-have accessories from the manufacturer Belimo.

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