Roof fans

The high-performance RDA fan impresses with its outstanding design, innovative finishes, and corrosion-resistant aluminum case. But even more surprising is its price. After all, quality doesn't have to break the bank: save money during the initial purchase, operation, installation, and maintenance thanks to:

  • a premium basic version at an unbeatable price
  • low heat loss
  • long, maintenance-free operation
  • easy assembly without special tools
  • easy to swivel out from inside the case


Product design

For us, extraordinary is the norm.

Nicotra Gebhardt is known for its extremely innovative research and development. A great example is the genovent®, which allows for a variety of extraordinary solutions at no extra charge:

  • The genovent® is a simple plug-and-play solution for all installations, even when replacing an existing fan.
  • Its smart design makes it particularly easy and inexpensive to open up the fan for maintenance and inspection: simply unscrew the screws!
  • The exhaust shutters protect the fan from rain and snow, prevent unnecessary heat loss from the ducts, and eliminate the need to install a separate shutter under the fan.
  • The genovent® provides for powerful vertical discharge to keep rooftops free of dirt and prevent short circuits in the ventilation system.
  • The integrated sound insulation feature on the RDA 32 reduces noise on the outlet side by an average of 7 dB(A).
  • Energy is saved thanks to the ability to install and adjust the fan on a precise location. We also offer solutions that make use of adjustable-voltage and pole-changing motors, external frequency converters, and energy-saving brushless DC technology.

RDA 31/21

  • with external rotor motor
  • (asynchronous AC or brushless DC technology)
  • flow rate of up to 34,000 m³/h
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