Compact filters

Compact Filters / Mini Pleat Filter Inserts

Mini Pleat filters are used to separate fine dust and suspended particles (e.g., toxic dusts, viruses, bacteria) from the supply and exhaust air in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. 

  • Filter classes: M5, M6, F7, F9, E10, E11, H13, H14
  • Performance data tested in accordance with EN 779 or EN 1822
  • Eurovent certification for fine dust filters / Certified hygienic as per VDI 6022
  • High energy efficiency according to Eurovent
  • - Specially designed filter media made of fiberglass paper with textile-threaded or thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive spacers
  • Minimal difference in initial pressure thanks to optimal positioning of pleats and the largest possible filter area
  • Compact and easy to install

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