Fan boxes

Models and features
Compact and versatile, EC Unoboxes are designed for small to medium flow rates.
The case
consists of a dual-chamber aluminum frame
and plastic edges, dual-shell,
20-mm-thick galvanized steel panels, and insulation
made of non-combustible, sound and heat-insulating
glass wool mats. By default, one side of the case is left open opposite
the impeller (straight flow). Once the box is installed,
the direction of the air can be changed at any time by repositioning the
panels. This allows the box to adjust
fully to the structural conditions.
The box can also be installed outdoors thanks to accessories such as rain covers
and hoods. All the plastic parts and cables
are UV resistant. Backward curved high-performance aluminum
impellers are used. The impellers are powered
by a built-in, energy-saving
EC external rotor motor. An alarm signals
potential problems with the motor. For the size-50 box, the electrical
wiring is connected on the outgoing
terminal box, while for sizes 67 and larger, it is connected directly on the motor terminal compartment
(cable routing provided). For the "control mode"
(standard) version, the speed is continuously provided by way of a 0-10 V signal or a potentiometer

The EC Unobox ME is certified by VDI 2052 as suitable for use in kitchen exhaust systems.


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