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Certified by the highest protection classes. For use in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units in safe or potentially explosive industrial areas.

Safety for life. Health. Values.

Explosion protection is not a matter of statistics or a willingness to take risks, but of 100% safety and cooperation with a partner you trust! Based in the city of Langenzenn in Germany, Schischek has specialized in electric, explosion-proof damper actuators, valve actuators, sensors, and controllers for HVAC applications since 1975.

Its products are used at thousands of sites worldwide, including for technical building equipment, at industrial plants, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, at wastewater treatment plants, compressor stations, and power plants, and on drilling rigs for the production of oil and gas.

Schischek products can be connected with the controllers of the most popular brands, as well as to most common air dampers, fire dampers, DIN sensors, and valves.

By teaming up with Schischek, we can help our customers improve the planning and safety of almost any task in potentially explosive areas in the aforementioned plants, without sacrificing quality, comfort, or functionality.

In 2013, Schischek became part of the international Rotork Group. With the expertise of Rotork and the extensive Schischek product line, the Rotork Group can almost certainly expect to produce a number of innovative new solutions in the future.
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