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BELIMO Automation AG is a global leader in the production of drives, valves, and actuators (including damper actuators). At Buschek, you'll find a wide selection of high-performance Belimo valves and actuators for HVAC systems at unbeatable prices.

Discover our Belimo valves and actuators here. We're pleased to offer an extended range of damper actuators both with and without spring return. If you can't find a specific Belimo damper actuator on our website, please contact us and we'll be happy to order it for you. We offer CM, LM, NM, SM, and GM damper actuators without spring return and with a nominal torque of 5 to 40 NM, as well as TF, LF, NF, SF, and EF damper actuators with spring return and a nominal torque of 2 to 30 NM. These items are always delivered with the mounting hardware provided by the factory.

Order in bulk and pay less.

10-24 pieces: 5% discount
25 or more pieces: 10% discount

You can order Belimo valves from Buschek. Simply use our contact form.


If you can't find an item in the store, feel free to search for its successor at the following link: discontinued products.


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